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How to root Nokia X, Nokia X Plus, Nokia XL

Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a Nokia XL via my preferred delivery and suddenly, I played around with while we were recording APPLOAD with friends.

The special feature of this Nokia is that it is not Windows Phone. No, this is a disguised as Android Windows Phone. The interface is a bit confusing at first, but we made it fast enough. We thus find the tiles and navigation and transitions between screens.

Small feature of this phone, it does not have the Google applications. Everything is branded Nokia (owned by Microsoft) and therefore there is no Nokia Store and Google Play Store.

Well, I begin to install my favorite applications when suddenly I stumble on something that makes me want to put the phone in the trash ... No live Spotify in the Nokia Store.


And above all, not want to wait for this miracle to happen in 2, 10, 30 or 365 days ... So what?

It's simple, simply ROOTER Nokia XL! So, I walk a little on the net and I find a lot of methods that do not work with my model because I'm Version So I forget Framaroot, Kingroot and Nokia X Toolkit. I have all tested and none happening ... These methods were designed for and versions (??).

Then I stumbled upon this little application called Nokia X Windows Manager. And then, oh miracle, it worked. Here is how I did it:

Step 1: Turn the mode debugging on the phone and install the Nokia XL drivers on your Windows.

Step 2: Connect the USB port of your machine phone

Step 3: Launch Manager Nokia X

 Nokia X-Manager (by AngSanley)

Step 4: Then rooter phone by simply pressing the "Root Device". He will reboot and you will land on the screen of Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP). At that time, it will press your finger softened on the INSTALL button and get the zip-UPDATE SuperSU. (...). Zip.

Step 5: You will then "swiper" the small blue button down to start the install.

Step 6: And now ... the thing should restart itself. Then, still in the Nokia X Windows Manager application, click the "Install GApps" button to have the Google Play Store on the Nokia. Here was no different, except you must pick the downloaded zip (the URL will be given to you). This zip can not be packaged with the application for rights issues. The phone will reboot in TWRP, click "Install" and pick the zip of GApps on the SD card.

Here ! It is done ! Nokia XL is ROOTE and installed the Play Store! Youpiiiiiiiiiii!

Many thanks to AngSanley for his work on Nokia X Manager! Thanks to him, I was able to install Spotify ;-)

I hope this quick tutorial you will be served! Otherwise, apart from the slight "design flaw" (BUT WHY ???), it's still a good phone not too expensive.